Rotary engine rotors lined up on a rotary engine plant


Introduction to the Mazda Rotary Engine Article Series

Classic Mazda is a Japan-based initiative that provides servicing parts to ensure our customers can continue to care for and enjoy driving their classic Mazda cars long into the future. We hope this will also provide opportunities to strengthen relationships with our customers even further, as well as make a small contribution to automobile culture.

In December 2020 we published information about offering restoration parts for the Mazda RX-7. Although this project was originally undertaken with our Japanese customers in mind, we were pleasantly surprised to receive widespread response from all over the globe.

We also received feedback in the form of questions about why there were only a small number of parts available and the situation with the rotary engine itself. In response, we felt it would only be fitting to provide customers, dealerships, retailers, and the media with accurate information about the current state of rotary part production. As a result, decided to share an exclusive glimpse into the factory where new Mazda rotary engines and rotary parts continue to be produced.

The collection of articles linked below is the result of this initiative. Originally published in Japanese on the Classic Mazda website, these articles are now available for our global customers as well.

The series is split into three articles. We hope you enjoy this sneak peek into the Mazda rotary engine factory!

  1. The Rotary Engine Lives On
  2. The Intricate Process That Makes Each Rotary Engine a Work of Art
  3. Passing Down the Legacy of Hand-Assembled Rotary Engines: Our Takumi Engineers