Promoting Brand Value-Focused Management

Since 2002, Mazda has consistently promoted its brand statement "Zoom-Zoom". In 2007, evolving the statement, the Company announced its long-term vision for technology development, "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom".
The basic policy of the vision is to "provide all customers who purchase Mazda vehicles with driving pleasure, as well as outstanding environmental and safety performance."
Thus far, Mazda has emphasized "driving pleasure" as its most important brand essence. In 2013, the Mazda's "Brand Philosophy", which all Mazda Group employees should follow, was stipulated. Mazda will promote brand value management in line with this philosophy.

Brand Philosophy

We love cars. We strive to live fruitful lives through cars. In our vision of the future, we see cars, the earth, and society existing in harmony. We will continue to overcome obstacles with unique and original inspiration.

  1. 1.Bring joy to our customers through the ownership of their vehicles
  2. 2.Provide cars that are in harmony with the earth and society to more people
  3. 3.Embrace challenges and through our ingenuity master the "Doh" (the Japanese concept of "the Way" or "the Path")

Brand image exists in the minds of customers. Mazda therefore is not able to control its brand image simply by declaring brand value management. The Company fully understands that the only way to enhance brand value is to consider all activities of the Mazda Group from the customer's viewpoint. It is important that Mazda Group employees clarify the brand value and make constant efforts in accordance with Mazda's "Brand Philosophy". By providing value that exceeds expectations at all touchpoints with customers, including quality, products, sales and after-sales service, communication, and people, throughout the ownership of their vehicles, Mazda aims to be a brand that enriches customers' lives and that maintains special bonds with its customers.

In pushing forward with the Structural Reform Plan, the Company attaches importance to Mazda's brand value management, and strive to develop a corporate culture that encourages individual employees to create innovation, pursue opportunities for co-creation, and take on challenges. Mazda will continue to grow as a corporate group that can earn the trust of not only customers, but also of suppliers, shareholders and investors, local communities, and all other stakeholders.
This initiative has just begun. While placing importance on dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, Mazda will strive to enhance its brand value. This report presents part of this initiative under each item.

* For the relationship between brand value management and the Structural Reform Plan, please refer to the Annual Report 2014.

In July 2013, we started discussions to create a corporate culture that promotes Mazda Group employees to take pride in the Mazda brand and to change their behavior. On the theme of "brand value management," discussions are being held bringing together Mazda executives and employees, as well as employees of Mazda Group companies in Japan and overseas. They exchange ideas about how they should change their own behavior and how to put into practice this management philosophy. These discussions are held as part of the Mazda Business Leader Development (MBLD), a business leader training program unique to Mazda, which has been implemented since 2000. We will continue to conduct this activity throughout the Mazda Group in FY March 2015.